Brass is the general name of yellow alloys obtained by adding zinc to copper.

Some other elements that can be found in brass are also tin, lead, nickel, manganese, iron, aluminum, arsenic, antimony, and phosphorus. Some brass products containing manganese are also called bronze (But actually bronze is a copper-tin alloy).

Brass is a very tough but easily processed material. Its malleability depends on the copper content. White brass (which is containing less than 55% copper) cannot be processed easily. These can only be powdered and used in brazing processes. Malleable brass, on the other hand, are alpha brasses that usually contain over 62% copper and can be cold worked, and also beta brass, which contain less copper and require hot processing. Alpha brass has superior cold working properties and are widely used in bolt, pin and screw making. Beta brass is less ductile, but more durable. These are especially used in the manufacture of faucet valves, door and window handles and some fittings.

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